I make unique representations of your pictures.


They are perfect for Birthdays, Baby showers, wedding presents or just a because gift. I base these illustrations on your choice of colors or if its a gift their favorite colors, your favorite things etc. (Digital File) 
You can also choose to give me creative freedom to come up with something unique as well. You can make at least 3 changes to the art work.
I will work with you to make sure you get what you like.
Commissions are images (Digital Files) only, unless specified printing ahead of time with an extra cost averaged $10-$20 depending on size.
Average work time varies 1- 5 days depending on my work load. 
For more in depth commissions please contact me with questions about your creative brief.  
Previous work 
One person - Full color : $ 35
Freak You Out - song by Fantasy Guys | Spotify
Pet Commissions - Full color : $35 for one pet, $10 each pet after that (all in one page) 
Family portraits - $50 two people, $10 each person after that (all in one page)
Specialty Commissions - Varies from $35 to $60 (flyers, Posters Logos Etc.) 
If you are on a budget feel free to reach out to me still and we can work something out. :) 
I have the right to decline requested commissions*